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McAfee VirusScan USB v3.0.144.7

Thursday, December 3rd, 2009
Ensures that your USB drive does not transmit viruses when plugging into PCs.

Proven security that protects your USB drive against viruses, McAfee VirusScan USB detects and removes viruses that can delete files and data from your USB drive. Additionally, this software ensures that your USB drive does not transmit viruses and other threats to each PC that you plug your USB drive into.

The data on your USB drive is vulnerable to viruses and other potential threats. Even if you have anti-virus software on your PC, you also need to protect the USB drive.

Whether you use your USB drive simply to share music and photos with friends and family, transfer data between work and home PCs, or use it as a mobile computing platform, you need to know that your fi les and identity are safe. For these reasons, it is essential to have antivirus protection for your USB

The McAfee VirusScan USB application was designed to detect and remove viruses and Trojans that can delete important files and data from your USB drive. VirusScan USB leverages McAfee VirusScan’s award-winning threatprevention technology and ensures that your USB drive does not transmit viruses when plugging into PCs.

OnTrack Easy Recovery Professional v6.10 Retail

Wednesday, December 2nd, 2009
■ The most advanced data recovery, file repair, and disk diagnostic capabilities available.
■ EasyRecovery™ Professional includes: All the features and benefits of EasyRecovery™ DataRecovery and the added repair capabilities of EasyRecovery FileRepair™ and EasyRecovery EmailRepair™.
■ Superior disk diagnostic tools including Ontrack Data Advisor®.
■ Improved file type searching capabilities.
■ EasyRecovery Professional recovers all file types, plus includes added raw recovery capabilities for over 290 specific file types including document files, MIDI music files, voice files, digital media files, and more!
■ Added viewing capabilities support providing a view identical to the display of the file in its native application.

EasyRecovery™ Professional includes capabilities of EasyRecovery™ DataRecovery, EasyRecovery FileRepair™ & EasyRecovery EmailRepair™ plus enhanced data recovery options & diagnostic features.

Pen Drive data recovery v3.0

Tuesday, December 1st, 2009
Pen Drive data recovery is a useful and reliable memory stick data recovery utility. It does not write to your damaged or erased memory stick, and it will show you accurate and reliable previews of what is recoverable.It performs best if you have your flash media card installed in a card reader while the evaluation is conducted.

· Pentium-class processor
· Windows 9X/ME/NT/2000/XP
· RAM (128 MB recommended)
· 20 Mb of free space